B and B Music gets a new copier AND saves money

Getting a new copier for your office doesn’t always mean spending more money. In fact many of our Northeast Ohio business clients save big money by investing in an upgrade. It is important to look at all costs throughout the year associated with your business’ printing and copying workflow. To only consider the up-front cost of hardware is to only read half the story. Everything must be examined thoroughly so that you can determine what your total cost of ownership really is. Here is a perfect example of how that kind of scrutiny can pay off. B and B music, a well-established Cleveland company, owned an old black and white copier for printing and copying. While they had no copier lease payment to worry about, they were overpaying on total operating costs for every copy. They were paying upwards of 9 cents per copy, on an annual usage of about 25,000 black and white copies — over $2,000 per year. Since this old copier did not have the ability to produce color images, they had a second machine, an HP-laserjet color printer, for color output. While HP printers are high quality, their cost of ownership can be very high. B and B spent approximately $1,600 per year on HP color toner cartridges alone, for a volume of only six thousand color prints per year.

By setting them up with a new Konica Minolta Bizhub C-280 color copier, we were able to lower their cost of making color prints by more than 75%, turning that $1600 into only $350.

Yes, we all know that new copiers can be quite expensive; however more often than not they will end up saving your company significant money on the back end. In this particular case, B and B will end up saving $1800 dollars per year. In addition to those annual savings, we were able to add high quality color scanning to their network, increasing their office efficiency. Win / win / win… it’s what American Copier Solutions is all about!

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