Early Termination with an upgrade

If you wish to terminate your current lease and upgrade with your present leasing company, this is very easy. The balance of payments will be added to the vendor’s bottom line and are worked into your future payments. The leasing company likes to renew business and thus makes the process relatively seamless. Switching leasing companies in mid-lease in order to upgrade can be a very pricey endeavor, and it is so by design. Leasing companies do not like it when customers leave in mid-lease. If you are dissatisfied with your vendor and wish to go to another, remember:

1. The leasing company owns your copier; they need to know if it’s going to be moved and will have to give permission to move it.
2. The leasing company will not accept early returns from non-originating vendors. Meaning you will have to store the machine.
3. Insurance on stored or unused machines must be carried to lease end whether it’s being used or not.
4. End of lease notification will still need to be done within the leasing company’s parameters. Obligation to do so is yours, and not the new vendor’s no matter what.

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