End of Lease Pitfalls

How would you like to be paying for a copy machine that you aren’t even using?  Many leases are automatically renewed, like it or not.  Your lease doc. will have clear instructions as to when and who is to be notified as to your options at lease end.  If you do not have a copy of your lease agreement, you can request one from the lease company.  Most companies require to be contacted via fax or e-mail 60-90 days prior to lease end The lease end date may be different than the date that the lease was signed. If the leasing company is not notified within the designated time prior to lease end date, your lease agreement can be automatically extended for as much as one year! Many copier companies give the impression that they are the vendor and the leasing company.  In most instances this is not the case, so notifying your copier vendor or salesmen that you wish to terminate your lease does not fulfill your obligations to the leasing company, and they will be happy to automatically renew your lease for you.