Our Services

We founded our business 25 years ago on the idea that we could win customers from larger competitors by providing a higher quality of service.   Since then we have been delivering on our promise of better service, and today, we are proud to be serving the same businesses and non-profits that chose us in the beginning, along with a growing community of organizations.

Antonio Perta, ACS Co-Founder and Head of Service

Our dedication to service comes from an earnest desire to help the community.  That’s how we’ve kept it up for so many years and that’s why customers stay with us.  Satisfied customers form the cornerstone of every successful business, and ours  is no exception.  American Copier Solutions’ customer loyalty is widely recognized in the business community and is something we’re very proud of.  For most people who choose ACS it’ s the last time they have to go through the headache of looking for copier solutions.  So give us a call, shoot us an e-mail, or stop by in person, so we can start a discussion about your imaging needs.  It could be the beginning of a wonderful thing. . . Copiers that do what you want them to!