KYOcapture Express

Do all of your scanned documents reside in one folder on your network? Are they difficult to find because they are not named or indexed properly?What if there was a simplified way to name and index these scanned files directly from the MFP control panel for easy search and retrieval? Kyocera’s KYOcapture Express can do just that, and more.

Additional Information

KYOcapture is a robust Document Capture Workflow Solution designed to simplify every day distributed scanning and storing of documents in any mid-sized to enterprise office environment.

Key Benefits of KYOcapture Express:

Scan and Index Documents Directly from the MFP Control Panel
OCR Documents for Full-Text Search Capabilities
Easily Upgrade to KYOcapture Basic Server Package and Optional Components as Your Business Needs Grow
Create custom workflow to meet your document management needs

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