Used Copiers for Sales: Buy,Lease or Rent Used Copy Machines

Used and Refurbished High Quality Copiers + Multifunctional Printers

At American Copier Solutions we offer a wide variety of used, refurbished, copiers and multifunctional printers (or MFP) for our customers. From basic black and white set ups to color machines loaded up with all the bells and whistles, we are sure to have something in our used printer and copy machine inventory that will suit your needs.  Whether you're a smaller business or organization looking for a table-top, basic, copier or multifunctional printer (copy/print/fax/email, etc), or you're a larger organization in need of high-speed, full color free-standing floor unit, American Copier Solutions offers affordable used machines to fit all printing and copying needs.

Buy, Rent or Lease Used Copy Machines and MFPs

Whether you need to buy a used machine, lease a used machine or rent a used machine, all the copy machines and multifunctional printers (MFPs) at American Copier Solutions have been regularly serviced by our technicians who refurbish the equipment before making it available for rent, purchase or lease.

Inventory of Used Office Copier and Multifunctional Printers

At American Copier Solutions we take in high quality used office copiers and MFPs regularly as we help new customers save money by using their lease buyout option to buy their used copier.  The new customer will typically wrap the lease buyout into a new lease with us that makes more sense for them in terms of equipment and expenses.  As a result, our used copier and multifunctional printer inventory is constantly evolving.  To find out what type of used, refurbished, copiers and printers we have in our inventory for purchasing, leasing or renting today, please give us a call or fill out this contact us form.

Buying, Leasing or Renting Printer/Copier Machine

We are proud to be serving the same businesses and non-profit organizations in Cleveland and Northern Ohio that chose us over 25 years ago! Imagine a relationship with your local copier company that promises to deliver quality office equipment and personal service on that equipment for over a quarter century! Our dedication to service is on its second generation.  We plan on continuing to deliver honest quotes, no-hassle sales process, highest quality copier solutions with professional service for generations to come as we enjoy servicing the Cleveland community from our local, family-run copier company.

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